The 99ers

Upcoming Gigs

October 3         Terminal Bar, Minneapolis

October 23       Gas Lamp, Des Moines, IA

October 24       Driftwood Char Bar & Grill, Minneapolis

December 11    Memory Lanes, Minneapolis

Bookings and other information

Contact Derek via email or call 763-439-8406 or contact Steve via email.

What would it sound like if Godzilla decided to quit destroying Japan and form a band with the Ape Man and his Troglodyte girlfriend? ‘Spark’, the new album by The 99ers, that’s what.  A dynamic blend of high-octane energy and fun that rocks as hot as an acetylene torch, yet sounds as sweet as an apple pie baked by Joey Ramone, ‘Spark’ moves back and forth between power and melody.  16 tracks of non-stop pop, punk, and rock and roll, explore hipster girls, learning curves, surfing apemen, the rock star lifestyle of stay at home dads, & the void you face after you've been thrown out of your favorite club. So if you’re jonesing for excitement that never loses direction, just open up the windows, do the Skeeter hop, and let the The 99ers rock you into summer. You never know how it’s gonna end.

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Spark is now available!